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Training Centre


Training of Engineering staff have been given priority soon after the formation of CMWSS Board. Accordingly training project was finalised in collaboration with the National Water Council of U.K. with financial assistance from the Overseas Development Administration (ODA) of the British Government. Metrowater as part of capacity building exercise has established its staff Training Centre during the year 1982.At present the Training Centre headed by Director in the cadre of Superintending Engineer under the control of Engineering Director. The location Training Centre campus is situated at No.56, Raji Street, Ayanavaram, Chennai 600 023 (adjoining the Kilpauk Water Treatment Plant campus)

  • O&M Module
  • Water quality module
  • Sewage disposal module
  • Human Resource Development
  • Project Management module
  • Financial management module

The above training courses are offered to various categories of staff viz. EEs, AEEs, AEs, JEs, SAOs, AOs, JAOs, Assistants, Junior Assistants, Electrical Operators, Depot Managers, Water Analysts and Field Workers.
Apart from the above, a special training program on 'Demonstration of utilisation of safety equipments in maintaining the sewerage system and safe working was conducted to all the Field workers and Field Engineers of CMWSS Board from April'12 July'12 and the training was well received by the participants.


Besides conducting training programmes for the staff of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board the following five CPHEEO sponsored Refresher Courses viz., Corrosion Control, Sewage Works Supervisor, Filter Operation, Care and use of Chlorinators and Water Mains and Sewer Lines are being conducted every year during the period from November to February for Public Health Engineers across India.


Cource on "Water and Waste Water Management" for the Municipal Engineers of Bhopal, Gwallor and Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Basic Course on "O&M of Sewerage Facilities and sewage Treatment plants" for Technical operators and Intermediate Course for the Assistant Engineers, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Maharashtra. Supported under Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) in association with National River Conservation Directorate(NRCD).

Course on "Maintenance of Sewerage system and the precautionary to be taken during cleaning of sewerage system" for the Engineers of Mununicipalities/Corporations under TNUDG - III.

The field training was given to 1274 field workers in their locations on "Safety Practices"emphasizing the Government order on Prohibition of Employment as Manhole scavenger and their Rehabilitation Act 2013 and Safety procedure to be adopted in handling the equipments used for Sewerage System maintenance.

The course on "AUTO CAD 2015 - Cvil"has been conducted for Board Engineers (37 nos.) under Need Based Assessment.


It has been proposed to conduct 7 days special training programme on "O&M of Sewerage System" and "O&M of Sewage Treatment Plants" for our Engineers and also for the Public Health Engineers from other departments such as TWAD Board, CMA, DTP etc on payment.

It is also proposed to conduct various computer based training programmers such as Works Management, Billing and Collection, Oracle Applications, IT in CMWSSB etc.


Induction and Orientation coursed to the newly recruited staff of CMWSS Board (As and when recruited).


To improve the potentiality and the personal assessment for promotion of the staff. Departmental tests are being conducted for all specific 11 subjects.


Permission will be accorded for Students/Faculty members of Institutions/Universtities who wish to visit any of the Board's Treatment Plants viz.,

1. Water Treatment Plants
Chembarambakkam (530 MLD)
Puzhal(300 MLD)

2. Desalination Plants
Nemmeli (Restricted to 30 nos per batch)

3. Sewage Treatment Plants

On payment of Rs.25/- head/plant/day subject to the minimum of Rs.1000/- per batch per plant. (Restricted to 40 students per batch) The payment may be made either through Demand Draft payable at Chennai in favour of "Resource Centre, CMWSSB" or cash payment vide Current A/c No.8439201000239 in any branches of Canara Bank.


Permission will be accorded for students of Institutions/Universities who wish to attend in plant training/project work/data collection at any of the Board's WTP/STP or at Administrative/Finance/Technical wings at Head office @ Rs.200/- per head/plant + applicable Service taxes. This payment may be either through Demand Draft payable at Chennai in favour of "Resource Centre, CMWSSB"or cash payment vide Current A/c No.843901000239 in any branch of Canara Bank.


A) The facilities available at the Training Centre are listed below

  • Administrative Building
  • Air conditioned Class Rooms (2 nos) with 40 nos seating capacity
  • Meeting hall with 75 nos seating capacity
  • Hostel
  • Computer Lab with 24 nos seating capacity

B) Library:
There is a modern library at the Training Centre. It has a collection of about 2860 books covering Engineering, Technology, Management, Training, Finance disciplies, Computers, as well as operational manuals, specifications and ISI codes.


S.No Name of the Faculty
1. P.J.Devaraj, Director (TC)
2. Dy. Director (TC)
3. A.Abdul Rasheed, Superintending Engineer
4. Y.Jagadeesa Thilagan, Information Technology Manager
5. V.Ponnambalavanan, Superintending Engineer
6. V.Baskar, Superintending Engineer
7. T.Kulandaivelu, Superintending Engineer
8. T.Udhayakumar, CCOF i/c.,
9. J.Peter COF
10. P.J.Devaraj, Executive Engineer
11. Executive Engineer
12. C.Gajendran, Assistant Executive Engineer
13. K.Vasudevan, Assistant Executive Engineer
14. M.S.Akilandeswari, Assistant Executive Engineer
15. G.Balasubramaniam, Assistant Executive Engineer
16. A.Radhakrishnan,Assistant Executive Engineer
17. R.Madhavi, Assistant Executive Engineer
18. G.B.Vydehi, Assistant Executive Engineer
19. M.R.Jaishankar, Assistant Executive Engineer
20. V.Kuttirajan, Assistant Executive Engineer
21. P.Subramanian, Asst.Hydrogeologist
22. S.V Pradeebha, Assistant Engineer
23. K.Sridevi, Assistant Engineer
24. J.Palaniraj, Assistant Engineer
25. M.S.Anand Kumar, Assistant Engineer
26. A.Mohamed Nazir, Assistant Engineer
27. K.P.Sugumar, Junior Engineer
28. G.Rishikesan, Junior Engineer
29. K.Nirmala, Junior Engineer
30. S.Vincent, Programmer
31. P.Baskar, Programmer
32. R.Dharuman, Programmer
33. T.Vedachalam, Programmer
34. V.Srinivasan, Programmer


S.No Name of the Faculty
1. V.Manimaran, C.E(Retd.)CMWSSB
2. A.L.Radhakrishnan,S.E(Retd.), CMWSSB
3. K.Balasubramanian,S.E(Retd.), CMWSSB
4. Dr.Rajamarthandam,Director(Retd.), TWAD
5. R. Pannir Selvam, Executive Engineer, (Retd.), TWAD
6. K.Murugan, E.E (Retd.)CMWSSB
7. K.Karthikeyan,Chief Analyst(Retd.)CMWSSB
8. K.Karthikeyan,Superintending Engineer(Retd.)CMWSSB
9. V. Subramanian. S.E (Retd.), CMWSSB
10. K.S. Sridharan, HRD Consultant
11. Mrs. Alamelu Sukumaran, HRD Consultant
12. G. Seetharaman, Senior Accounts Officer [Retd], Internal Audit, CMWSSB
13. A.Gouthaman, Advocate, High Court, Chennai
14. S.Baskar, Principal Scientist, SERC
15. B.H.Bharath Kumar, Principal Scientist, SERC
16. Dr.S.N.Venkatesan, RTI Consultant
17. Dr.U.Gandhidas, General Physician
18. K.E.Elumalai, DCOF (Retd.) CMWSS Board
19. Dr.V.Anand Kumar, Asst Professor, Anna University, Chennai
20. M.Vincent, Chief Chemist (Retd.).CMWSSB
21. A.Viveganandhan, Chief Chemist (Retd.).CMWSSB
22. N.Velayutham, M.D,Femec Tech Pvt Ltd
23. Syed Amir Basha Head, Nemmili Desal Plant
24. Madhavanuui, VA (Tech), Nemmili Desal
25. Harish, Instramentation Engineer,Nemmeli Desa Plant
26. S.Siva Subramaniam, E.E (Retd.), CMWSS Board
27. Baskar Sundararaj, EE, TWAD Board
28. M/s. Ladders Pvt. Ltd.,
29. M.Kalidasan, A.O(Retd.), CMWSSB
30. Manavai, Va.Elengo, Yoga Class
31. M.Vijayakumar,DGM,Metro Rail Ltd
32. G.Shanmugam, System Analyst(Retd.)CMWSSB
33. M.Vincent.Chief Chemist (Retd.), CMWSSB
34. -
35. M.S.Premnath, HRD Consultant,
36. Dr. G.V.Kumar, Consultant
37. Arul Mozhi Varman, Minjur Desal Plant Consultant.
38. Chandra Mohan, Consultant.